Take Phone Photos

The iPhone has one of the best camera systems in the market right now, and if you have one, you probably take it with you everywhere, and you probably take pictures.

So, here’s a few tips on how to take better photos with your iPhone. Now, first up, it doesn’t really apply just to the iPhone. It works with pretty much every camera, and that’s composition.

1. First of all is the rule of thirds.

This is the one of the more important composition rules, and it’s a pretty easy one to implement, because your iPhone actually has a tool built right in.

So, if you go into settings, then you go to the camera, then you turn on grid, then you’ll go to the camera app, you will find a grid in your screen.

The idea is instead of putting your subject in the middle of the frame like you always do, try putting your subject on the side. If you look at where those lines intersect, and you put your subject there, that makes you abide to the rule of thirds.

2. The second tip is to move around.

The iPhone only has one lens, and the digital zoom is horrible, so you shouldn’t use that. What you should do is move to your subject. It’s very easy to just stand in one place and take the picture, but that won’t always give you the results you want.