Edit Using VSCO

If you’re not familiar with VSCO, it’s basically the best out of all the photo-editing apps that are out there. Not only does it have very nice and unique filters, or as they call presets, but you can also do pretty much all the touch-ups that you can imagine or would want to do with apps like Lightroom and Photoshop on this app alone.

VSCO is also a community much like Instagram. I don’t use the community site that often.

Grid and journal are not that important so we won’t be going over those.

The store is important. We suggest you follow along, maybe pausing for a second. Pausing this video and downloading this preset right here: limited time preset collection, 38 presets, over 50% off.

If you’re not familiar with minimal user interfaces, it’s hard to navigate through VSCO. It’s common now in a lot of apps like Photoshop and Instagram. The point of this tutorial is to show you each icon and what it can do.

Once you click your picture, you can either double click or click it and hit the wrench and paintbrush button. You will be presented with all the presets you purchased. VSCO comes with 5 presets. However, if you download that 38 preset, you’ll have a nice startup.

B2 is a very good black and white preset to startup with.

P1-P4 are really nice too.