7 Pieces of Advice for Photographers

This is an article based on interviews with 20 leading photographers from different industries with various levels of expertise on how they acquired their success. They provided great insights on how to get started, the tools they use and tips to becoming a better photographer. There are many types of photography. There’s family, boudoir, wildlife, … [Read more…]

The Tips You Need To Know For Cold Weather Photography

When you want to take pictures in the cold weather, you need to prepare yourself. This is absolutely essential if you ever want to finish your session with great photographs. Before leaving the house you should bring spare batteries. In cold temperatures, batteries discharge faster than in warm weather. That’s why it’s absolutely essential to … [Read more…]

How To Take Better Night Photos

It’s tricky when you have to take photos in the dark instead of in daylight. Your camera should have the proper specifications in order to really get a good photograph at night or in a dark room. That’s why the first thing you should do in order to make sure you take better photos at … [Read more…]

Basic Photography Skills For Every Beginner

Photography is always tough in the beginning. You will notice that your shots in high school are different from when you are already an adult. Time has passed and you have gained a lot of experience. Here are some basic rules about photography to make sure you know the foundations of a good photo. 1. … [Read more…]

How To Take Better Wedding Photos

On average there are 115,000 weddings in the world each day. That represents almost 42 million daughters getting married each year. When you’re having a wedding it’s important to preserve the memories you’re making so that you can have some way to remember your big day in the future. And what better way to do … [Read more…]

The Essential Photography Guide For Beginners

With advancements in digital technology, even amateur photographers are capable of taking world-class photographs like the professionals. All it takes is the right gear, the right moment, and the right technique to capture something unforgettable. Great gear is more readily available than ever before. You can choose from cameras like Canon EOS Rebel T3i-S Nikon … [Read more…]

6 Tips For Better Portraits

There are many ways to go about photography. However, some rules, when you apply them, simply make your photo better. Here are six tips for better portraits. 1. Experiment with focal lengths Try on different distances from your subject and see which ones are better suited. This isn’t the age of film anymore, so you … [Read more…]

How To Take Photos Of Rowdy Kids

Capturing kids on camera can be quite a difficult task, however, it’s not impossible. There are a few tricks to taking the perfect shot of your kids. The first tip is to not use flash. The flash can create shadows, and can cause the skin tone to look unnatural, and may even result in red … [Read more…]

How To Take Better Pictures Using Your Phone

Nowadays, cameras have transformed into smartphones. With this transition, more and more people are becoming photographers. Almost anyone can become a photographer in this day and age, however, not everyone can be a great photographer. Here are a few tips and tricks to really up your game when it comes to mobile photography. 1. Find … [Read more…]

How To Capture The Best Photos Of Your Pet

Your pet can be a really challenging subject to shoot. He or she can run around and make a mess of your house before you can capture that sweet memory. Pets aren’t like people that can obey you easily, however, you can have some kind of control over them. You can do this by giving … [Read more…]