7 Pieces of Advice for Photographers

This is an article based on interviews with 20 leading photographers from different industries with various levels of expertise on how they acquired their success. They provided great insights on how to get started, the tools they use and tips to becoming a better photographer.

There are many types of photography.

There’s family, boudoir, wildlife, product, architecture, portrait, children, landscape, wedding, sports, etc.

Here are 7 pieces of advice for the budding photographer.

1. Shoot anyone and everyone that you know. In the best and worst light you can find. This allows you to experiment with lighting, and add to your experience.

2. Persistence and dedication are two essential attributes that any photographer needs when starting off. You have to go on with your chosen craft. You can’t just give up right in the middle of it, or worse, after a few shots. If you want to make a career out of it, you have to hunt for clients like a tiger.


3. A photo blog is an excellent medium enabling a photographer to obtain feedback.

It is in this way that you can have a platform to put all your photos.

4. Get to know the equipment you have and make certain you’re comfortable with it.


5. Be open to shooting all types of photography. Commercial, portraits, landscape, internet marketing such as using Facebook for doing small group of “blogging type” of advertisement, Further, lots of small and medium business owners using their official website plus search engine optimization, alternative term, to boost their visitors and generate a lot of sales from cyber world.- you never know what you may love the most until you have tried them.

6. For those starting out in photography, Facebook is a great way to find others.

7. If you are motivated you will find the time, places and people for your portfolio.