The Tips You Need To Know For Cold Weather Photography

When you want to take pictures in the cold weather, you need to prepare yourself. This is absolutely essential if you ever want to finish your session with great photographs.

Before leaving the house you should bring spare batteries. In cold temperatures, batteries discharge faster than in warm weather. That’s why it’s absolutely essential to take spare batteries with you.

Next thing you should is carry a backpack. A bag will protect your gear from winter elements. You don’t want to come home with a faulty camera, or a broken lens.


Next thing you should do is take an airtight plastic bag. This is for condensation purposes.

You should you also try fingerless gloves. Gloves with removable fingertips give you control while keeping your hands warm.

When you’re taking the camera into the cold, you need to keep your camera, flash, and batteries as warm as possible. You can do this by putting your camera and flash under your coat. And put extra batteries in your pockets as well. You don’t want to miss that shot because of low battery.


Here are some shooting tips to follow when going out in the cold.

1. Are your photos too blue. Change the white balance to cloudy to warm them up.

2. Use a UV or clear filter to protect the front element of the lens from moisture or snow.

3. Watch your exposure. Snow can easily fool your meter to underexpose the scene. The last thing you want is a dark photograph.

4. Use a lens hood on a sunny day. Snow can reflect light off axis and cause lens flare.

With this in mind, maybe you can set up your own professional studio or photography company. When you do, always keep in mind that you can always avail of something convenient and easy way. Good luck!