How To Take Better Night Photos

It’s tricky when you have to take photos in the dark instead of in daylight. Your camera should have the proper specifications in order to really get a good photograph at night or in a dark room. That’s why the first thing you should do in order to make sure you take better photos at night is to know your camera.

A thorough understanding of your camera is essential for night photography. Fumbling with equipment you don’t know properly in low light makes for stressful, difficult photography.

Take test shots in the dark, and see if your camera can handle it. If not, just wait for the golden hours.

Right before complete night at the last minutes of sunset, beautiful skies and lighting make for great photos, giving the chance to combine different color temperatures.


You need to be properly equipped in order to take great night photos. Here are some equipment suggestions.

1. Tripod – night photos require slow shutter speeds, which means a tripod is amust needed to avoid camera blur from movement or shaking.

2. Shutter release or self timer – with long exposures even the press of the shutter button can cause camera blur. Use of shutter releases or self timer will fix this.

3. Lens Hood – night scenes with bright lights, like cities,  require a lens hood to prevent lens flares from the light.


4. Flash light – it can be hard to see buttons and equipment in the dark. A flash light is a must for dark locations.

5. Wide angle lens – although this is optional, wide angle lenses often make night photos much more visually amazing.

Learning how to take better photos is just like learning autocad, it just takes practice and a lot of dedication.