Basic Photography Skills For Every Beginner

Photography is always tough in the beginning. You will notice that your shots in high school are different from when you are already an adult. Time has passed and you have gained a lot of experience.

Here are some basic rules about photography to make sure you know the foundations of a good photo.

1. Remember the rule of thirds

This is a rule that has been repeated time and time again, however, its validity still remains untouched. The rule of thirds means that the photo is divided by nine boxes. The subject is in one of the intersecting lines, or the circles that you see in the infographic below.

Placing your subject here means you avoid those photos that look like mugshots or science experiments. Making sure you angle your subject is making sure you have a great shot.


2. Depth of Field

This is when the subject of the photo is completely in focus and the background is blurry. This can be controlled by adjusting your aperture. This kind of photograph is what you commonly see in profile pictures of people with DSLRs. And you have to admit, it looks kind of beautiful, right?


3. Maintain the balance of your photograph

Placing your main subject off-center as with the rule of thirds creates a more interesting photo. You should balance the weight of your subject by another object of lesser importance to fill the space.

This is a great way to make sure your pictures aren’t uneven, and a sore to the eyes.

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