The Essential Photography Guide For Beginners

With advancements in digital technology, even amateur photographers are capable of taking world-class photographs like the professionals. All it takes is the right gear, the right moment, and the right technique to capture something unforgettable.

Great gear is more readily available than ever before.

You can choose from cameras like

  1. Canon EOS Rebel T3i-S
  2. Nikon D60 – SS
  3. Canon 5D Mk III – SSS

You can choose from many different lenses, lighting, memory, and extra equipment like backpacks and tripods.

However, take note that even if you have the best gear available, a great picture is impossible to capture without a spectacular image. Here are some tips for crafting the right image:


1. Evoke emotion

Does your image make the viewer feel something? Does it cause curiosity, anger, happiness, or empathy? Make sure you awaken something from your audience, and you can assure yourself great feedback. When you get any kind of reaction at all, then you have achieved the goal of a great photographer.

2. Capture what matters

Do not take hundreds of photos of primarily pointless things like chairs and tables. Unless of course you’re selling furniture. Make sure you take pictures that are important to you. A picture of a person is far more valuable than a picture of your food. Years from now you can look back at that picture of someone or maybe even your picture and see the difference.


3. Exude mystery

Having an air of the unknown will keep your audience engaged and interested.

Knowing these tips can now equip you to finally open that photography business you’ve been dreaming about. Maybe it’s time to take care of 公司設立. Your next great adventure awaits.