6 Tips For Better Portraits

There are many ways to go about photography. However, some rules, when you apply them, simply make your photo better.

Here are six tips for better portraits.

1. Experiment with focal lengths

Try on different distances from your subject and see which ones are better suited. This isn’t the age of film anymore, so you can always take as many shots as you want.

2. Create an interesting background

Don’t go for cluttered, messy backgrounds that won’t highlight your subject. Go for clean backgrounds that will make your subject pop. It’s always best to make sure that your background doesn’t distract the message of your photo.


3. Break the rules of composition

It’s ironic right that we would tell you all these rules, and now we’re saying break the rules of composition. Well, the truth is, many photographs have already become boring because they follow the rules too much. Once you break out of the ordinary, your photo stands out.

4. Play with eye contact

Make your subject look away for once and not just at the camera.


5. Try candid photography

When you capture someone at their natural behavior, there’s something magical about the shot. It’s not scripted. There’s nothing manipulated about it. Plus it captures the very authentic version of your subject.

6. Play with light

It’s important to experiment with how the light hits your subject. It really makes a difference. Go for low light, and even overexposed. But the best light is when you go outdoors.

So, there you have it, 6 tips for better portraits.