How To Take Photos Of Rowdy Kids

Capturing kids on camera can be quite a difficult task, however, it’s not impossible. There are a few tricks to taking the perfect shot of your kids.

The first tip is to not use flash. The flash can create shadows, and can cause the skin tone to look unnatural, and may even result in red eye. Turning it off can do wonders to your shots.

Flash photography is best for paparazzi photos, or if you’re shooting in the dark. However, if you want to take great photos of your kids, it’s best to turn it off.


The next tip is by Cindi Braby of She says that when kids have too much energy, you can ask them to scream as loud as they can. This leads to giggles for them and happy, silly photos for you.

It’s always a great shot when your subject is happy. And an even better shot when your subject is ecstatic. Capturing that joy behind the camera can really be a great addition to your collection of memories for your kids. Making them scream at the top of their lungs can cause them to have fits of laughter, and it is your job to capture that moment using your camera.


The next tip is by Aimee Giese of She says that you should have snacks on hand for kids (and you)! Nothing makes taking photos more miserable than hungry tummies.

It’s always best to fill up their stomachs so that they feel good. When they feel good, you’ll have more smiles, and that means better photos.

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