How To Take Better Pictures Using Your Phone

Nowadays, cameras have transformed into smartphones. With this transition, more and more people are becoming photographers. Almost anyone can become a photographer in this day and age, however, not everyone can be a great photographer. Here are a few tips and tricks to really up your game when it comes to mobile photography.

1. Find the best lighting

Finding the right light for your phone’s camera is key. Always be on the lookout for that perfect spot for photos.

Find your source. No I don’t mean this in a philosophical way. I mean this in an actual physical world way. Remember that natural light is always best. A camera always captures better photos with more lighting. Just don’t overexpose it by aiming it directly to the sun.

Find the right balance, and your photo will fall into place.

Close up of photographer Sarah Lee

2. Go closer to your subject

Don’t be scared to go nearer your subject. You will find wonders when you go closer and closer. You might even see something you’ve never seen before. Don’t zoom it. Go closer. Zooming a photo can cause it to become pixelated. You don’t want this. You want your pictures in high resolution. This rule applies especially for phone cameras, since most don’t have much megapixels.


3. Watch out for your composition

Nobody likes a noisy background. Make sure that you get a good, clean shot but with all the right elements. Having a cluttered background is bad for the eyes.

Now that you know these tips, maybe you can set up your very own photography company. When you do, don’t forget to do your 公司登記.