How To Capture The Best Photos Of Your Pet

Your pet can be a really challenging subject to shoot. He or she can run around and make a mess of your house before you can capture that sweet memory. Pets aren’t like people that can obey you easily, however, you can have some kind of control over them. You can do this by giving them treats, or if they are well-trained, you can tell them to sit or stay, or roll around.

Try a bribe. Get your pet in the picture-taking mood with a few treats. Then snap away, holding more treats in your hand near the camera, so your model will look your way. This is a great way to get your pet’s attention. All pets love to get their daily filling of food. In fact they’ll do anything for a sweet treat, even pose for a while for you.


You can also try sneak attacks. That is, try to make a strategy of how you’re going to surprise your pet with a snap. Come up on your pet quietly with your camera ready to go. Call out softly at the last moment if you want a nose-on shot.

Saying the name of your pet can really make a difference, or at least capturing his or her attention. This can ensure you a great head shot of your pet looking at the camera.


Next tip is to go for natural light. Whenever possible, avoid using a flash to take photos of your pet.

Now that you know these tips, maybe it’s high time for you to open that dream photography company of yours. You can specialize on pet photography. It’s a lot of work, but with the help of 信用貸款, anything is possible.